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Th[is] is for the thinkers and the pragmatists. For the ones who believe IT should be done differently. And results speak louder than words. Welcome to Th[is] is Development.

Th[is] feels right

Are you looking for a nice place to routinely complete support tickets and a suited-up boss to tell you what to do? We recommend you Google ‘boring IT jobs’ and get on your way. Th[is] more than just a company. Th[is] is doing what feels right for our customers and ourselves. We don’t offer you a job, but a stage to get on and take ownership. We are not good at hierarchy, but we excel at delivery.

Th[is] is getting bigger

Th[is] is growing with a bigger client portfolio and more like-minded digital brains. Our business is evolving into a platform where clients and employees exchange knowledge and insights daily. The digital heartbeat improves our services and… beefs up the fun too.

Th[is] is all about you

Delivering exceptional work while cracking jokes about your colleagues is how we roll. We don’t expect people to fit the perfect picture, suit up or stand down. But we do challenge you to deliver outstanding work without being anyone but yourself.

Th[is] is what you bring...

  • Not scared to speak your mind; only that will lead to the best results
  • Crave for freedom and flexibility
  • Have a keen eye for detail, after all, you're going for gold
  • Be a proactive, self-guided missile
  • Search outside of the box for practical solutions
  • Are open to using new techniques or developing them yourself
  • Look from the customer's point of view
  • Fluent in both Dutch and English 
  • Structured, customer-oriented, stress-resistant, and analytical

Th[is] is what you get...

  • Opportunities to grow inside and outside your expertise 
  • Access to cutting-edge knowledge
  • Challenging work, with the option to work partly from home
  • A Playstation 4 to challenge colleagues for a game of FIFA during the break 
  • A healthy lunch and a massage at your desk
  • An exciting workplace where technology and fun come together
  • A good salary, travel allowance, pension scheme and nice extras
  • Team outings with a lot of fun and laughter

Th[is] is what you do next

Still here? If you are up for th[is], say hello and tell us what you are looking for.

Th[is] is Development

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