Th[is] is what makes us tick. We love technology and
innovation. We are crazy about finding simple
to make complex things work.

Th[is] is Development is founded on the belief that business software can be better. We build custom software and manage cloud infrastructure for both SMEs and multinationals. Our engineers are more than happy to take any technical challenges off your shoulders.

The digital dilemma

The digital transformation will benefit any business, but developing the software and infrastructure for it often comes with a headache. Off-shore developers struggle to understand your needs and you end up lost between dream and reality. Growing a company should be exciting, but where do you start with building your platform for the future?

Cracking the code in co-creation

Th[is] is Development doesn’t work for you, but with you. We co-create software based on your existing ways of working and customer experience. Our engineers plug right into your organization as a team of in-house code crafters. We specialize in smart scalable software and support solutions for any business, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises.

Th[is] is what we do

At Th[is] is Development we believe in open-source frameworks to shorten your time-to-market, lower your costs, and beat the vendor lock-in. We always aim to create the perfect fit for your customer needs.

Th[is] Clients

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Th[is] is Development

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